Mayflower Madame: Ludwig Meidner

Off the recent sophomore full length by Oslo post punk band, Mayflower Madame, Ludwig Meidner, has been a highlight, and one of the most easily memorable pieces in the group's catalog so far. With a sound between the matter-of-fact darkness of Joy Division and the more grandiose gothic rock approach of The Mission, the song is one of the tracks which typify the gloom that runs all over Prepared For A Nightmare.

The new music video which comes with the song was directed and edited by the band's previous collaborator, Astrid Serck.

"The track is inspired by (and dedicated to) German expressionist painter Ludwig Meidner (1884-1966), mostly known for his apocalyptic landscapes and cityscapes which portray the chaotic modern world as a ferment volcano about to erupt," Mayflower Madame describe the song's aim. "On a more individual level, it also describes a relentless search and longing for intensified emotions in the mechanized concrete jungle - a dangerous ride which might lead you to the point of no return. However, as in Meidner's visions, the idea of letting it all burst can involve both a fear for doom and a hope for catharsis."

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