The Well: In Every Dream Home a Heartache

The Well continue their covers endeavor, this time picking a standout track from Roxy Music's 1973 milestone, For Your Pleasure. Written by Bryan Ferry, In Every Dream Home a Heartache has been previously covered by Christian Death's Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone, and many other notable acts, like Melvins, Fields of the Nephilim, Sun Dial and Bardo Pond. 

Similar to how they treated Depeche Mode's I Feel You a few weeks earlier, The Well's take on the classic Roxy Music song is pretty faithful to the original, yet, the guitar-laden heavy rock sound for which the Austin trio has been known certainly provides a different drift.

"We've enjoyed the experience of highlighting our dual vocals by covering these two incredibly strong vocal performances from David Gahan and now Bryan Ferry," says bassist and vocalist, Lisa Alley. "The interplay of female and male vocal leads has always lent our sound a uniqueness, and I think it's fun seeing them pushed out in front in the mix in a way that we don't usually do with The Well originals."

Ian Graham (guitar, vocals) expresses his admiration for Roxy Music and this track specifically, calling attention to its darkness, "the bookending on a heartache, the desperation of something promised by the achievement of success but still unrealized, it's talking about a spiritual gap we're trying to fill with things synthetic.

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