Chilindrina: Waiting To Collapse

Californian shoegaze act, Chilindrina, has been around since 2015, and has steadily gained a lot of accolades and attention for its early releases and live presence. After some lineup changes, now as a trio the band come forth with a new release, making the most out of their super raw and fuzzy sound, citing influence from Matador and 4AD.

Chilindrina's heavy approach to shoegaze and dreampop is very well exhibited through new cut, Waiting To Collapse, off the band's coming EP, Palo Santo. Highlighting their good relationship with distortion and reverb, and contradicting the cacophony with tuneful dual vocals, the new song finds the band in very good shape and phase, as their imminent EP already seems pretty enticing.

Chilindrina are composed of the main creative cor,e bassist and singer, Gloria Martinez, and guitarist and singer, Jerry Lozano, together with new drummer, Sean Glass.


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