Although industrial act, MAN1K1N, describe themselves as "just two basic bitches with electronics and a groove trying to be heard," there is nothing that feels basic regarding both the duo's appearance and their sound, and this groove of theirs is definitely best experienced loud.

MAN1K1N, composed of Johnny Veil and Cristian Carver, come forth with a very full, yet, quite meticulous industrial sound with dance sensibilities, and their newest two-track release, Into The Wounds, exhibits the band's ability to engage on every level, firstly through the biting fresh original, Into The Void, and then with a re-imagining of an older track, done by Boston-based electronic rockers, Big Time Kill, with whom the band have collaborated before. 

Thick production, intense, expressive vocals and a generally pitch dark sense combined with much energy, give off something which could have derived from the mid-nineties of the early 2000s, and which certainly deserves a special place in the industrial scene today.


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