Grundeis: Bleach

Fresh blood in the realm of industrial-tinged post punk seems to be emerging boiling hot, as Germany's Grundeis hit it out of the park on the first shot. The band's first single, Bleach, is a perfectly produced and very forceful gothic rocker which brandishes an auspicious new act which shouldn't be missed.

"Bleach is about overcoming despair by seeking energy in it," the band describe. "The protagonist is torn between accepting his*her anxiety to find renewal and being overwhelmed by it, unable to change. The song is inspired by a generation of especially young people struggling with loneliness, social anxiety and finding a place in life, as well as related personal experience."

Grundeis were formed in Hamburg in 2018, and so far they have opened shows for acts like Bleib Modern, Isolated Youth, Suir, Jaguwar and Ezra Furman among others. The band is composed of Laura (vocals, guitar), Nils (guitar), René (bass) and Tomas (drums, synths).

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