Dlina Volny: Glaza

As far as bleak new wave and post punk sounds go, combined with the cutting through enunciation of the Russian language, it's not easy to find someone that does it better than Belarusian trio, Dlina Volny.

The band's new song, Glaza, is part of the Long Play Belarus charity complication which consists of ten songs by Belarusian musicians, written and recorded from July to October 2020, during an intense period of protests against the country's government, President Alexander Lukashenko and a dubious presidential election.

"This song Glaza (Eyes) describes the feelings of a character, who lives in a constant stream of information, trying not to drown under the pressure of lies, hypocrisy and injustice, trying to cling to truth and stay afloat," the band describe.

Dlina Volny have released a series of solid, notable singles on Italians Do It Better, and they are currently working on their full length, expected out in 2021. The band consists of Masha Zinevitch, Ales Shishlo and Vad Mikutski.


Photo courtesy of the band

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