Afformance: Hedgehog

Following an impressive and consistently evolving body of work through which they've often turned heads and the spotlight of the post rock world their way, Greek band, Afformance, will be releasing Music For Imaginary Film #2 in the months to come, the successor to the first part of the same concept released in 2017. Like its predecessor the release exhibits the cinematic aspect of the band's multifarious sound which is founded equally on electronics and a more traditional style of instrumentation.

Three pieces have already flaunted the new project's fragile beauty, beginning with the straightforwardly electronica-bent, Mannerism, then through the moodier, Introvert, and more recently with the more ambient, Hedgehog, which comes forth like one of the somberest pieces in the band's catalog thus far. Evoking themes of existentialism and enshrouded with a post-apocalyptic aura by which is tough not to be enticed, all three tracks offer glimpses of Afformance's compositional range, and appear to be parts of a bigger, realized concept which will undoubtedly bring about a compelling unit. 

"The hedgehog carries many different meanings," the band remark regarding their latest piece. "It is a symbol of defensiveness, courage, agility, resourcefulness, protection, intuition, intelligence, endurance, individuality, wisdom, resistance. Soft and squishy but protected by spike-like hairs. A creature nocturnal, awake and hunting among apex predators alike.

"This is an homage to and inspired by the beauty and mystery of this noble yet wild creature, and the power that it holds."

Afformance have shared stages with first class acts like Slowdive, Mono, The Ocean, Sigur Rós, Grails, Maybeshewill, Crippled Black Phoenix, iLikeTrains and Balmorea among others. Having an almost fifteen-year progression behind them, they seem to have arrived at a very significant and mature stage of their path. Music For Imaginary Film #2 will most likely be taking them to the next level.

Cover art by Mariza Kapsabeli

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