Volkor X: Aquatic Ambience

Always productive, creative and bringer of tasteful selections, French synthwave/electronica composer, Volkor X, filters an older video game classic through the lens of his own, unique sound, and gives it new life, contributing to making an important part of the retro gaming culture more accessible to a younger audience.

An original composition by the acclaimed video game composer, David Wise, for the Super Nintendo game, Donkey Kong Country, Aquatic Ambience is presented in a sharp brand new version which was arranged, produced and performed by Volkor X, and features the contribution of French progressive rock/metal act, Feather, on lead guitar.

The new take is pretty faithful to the original track's moodiness and playfulness, and petty impressive from every angle.

It turns out its easier to keep clear of sharks underwater than try to resist the lure of Volkor X's charm, even if the bait is a cover of something celebrated and cult-followed.

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