Ripple Tapes: (Living) in the Dead of Night

For a pretty good dose of macabre fun, Connor Appleby's lo-fi synthpop project, Ripple Tapes, has everyone covered by way of the brilliant earworming groove of the new single and video, (Living) in the Dead of Night. Say hello to your new Halloween jam.

(Living) in the Dead of Night is a direct, zombie-themed cut, drawing from horror's vanguard, lyrically wistful and originative, and downright the best track in the so far brief catalog of Ripple Tapes. The project's lo-fi and DIY aesthetics are in full bloom, and although the track is immediately appealing, the accompanying video sells it unhesitatingly.

Filmed in Rock Hill Cemetery in Foxboro, Massachusetts, (Living) in the Dead of Night, pays tribute to the classic zombie tropes, as it lays out the fine eccentricity of a conspicuously smart new act.


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