Two Tribes: Cruel Sensuality

London trio, Two Tribes, made their presence felt a year ago with their first single, Videodrone, which exhibited how their multifarious sound drew from electronica, punk and psychedelia to come across wholly impressive. The band is back with new single, Cruel Sensuality, this time with a radio-friendlier, briefer approach to their composition, still, intricate and inviting comparisons to the energy of Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers' exploration of house and psychedelic pop, and more contemporary krautrock and EBM sounds.

Vocalist Annalisa Iembo offers more insight on the song's intent: “The lyrics focus on detaching yourself emotionally from another person, making the transition from sensuous to desensitised, and trying to figure out what part of yourself needs to be severed in order to leave a bad situation behind. Identity is a common theme in our music, and writing Cruel Sensuality was an opportunity to explore the self-reflection and reinvention that occurs when dismantling a relationship.

Two Tribes are Patrick Smith (vocals, guitars), Annalisa Iembo (vocals, synths and samples) and Kim Engelhardt (bass). Cruel Sensuality was produced by Oli Bayston (Teleman, Honeyblood, Spiritualized, Boxed In).


Artist photo courtesy of the band

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