Lacto-Ovo: City Lights

Having recently re-released their early 2000s albums, Shoes & You and Tsunami Pop, Melbourne band Lacto-Ovo reveal more of the material they had recorded before their breakup back in 2003. The previously unreleased, City Lights, was recorded in February 2003, and produced by Marcus Barczak and the band in July 2020.

Some long forgotten material for two songs was discovered by the band's own, Jim McDonald, in his shed, on a very scratched up CD, in a very rough mix form, part of which became the reworked City Lights, the first piece of new music by Lacto-Ovo in a very long while.

City Lights finds Lacto-Ovo closer than ever to the direct synthpop of New Order, while it naturally brings to mind the familiarity of the very early Simple Minds and OMD, and the more expansive new wave of Ultravox. Jonothan Edmonds delivers and unreserved performance while the track outright shines throughout its six minutes of instrumental synthpop exquisiteness, intriguing as to what more Lacto-Ovo's reemergence has to offer.

Lacto-Ovo are Jonothan Edmonds (vocals), Angela Clark (keyboards), Jim McDonald (bass, guitars and backing vocals), Tim Spelman (keyboards and drum machine) and Ben Bourke (keyboards).

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