Toxaemia: Hate Within

Hate Within, the newest single from the anticipated album by veterans, Toxaemia, takes a different approach than the band's usual death metal extremity, and finds the band trying their hand at something slower, sludgier and ultimately moodier, while it doesn't loose its foundational old school death metal characteristics.

"This song has a long history, it was written back in 1990 and recorded the first time together with the 4 songs from the 7" EP," the band reveal details of the new song's thirty year-old past. "Then it went under the name The Acquistion and had a different lyrics, also the song was much longer. When we recorded it the second time in 1991 the song had new lyrics and been cut down and with the new title Hate Within. The reason for us to record it a third time is because we wanted to give it the finishing touches that we felt were lacking due to the fact that we are a more complete band today. We have the lead guitarist we did not have in 1991, a vocalist with a greater range and a drummer with plus 30 years experience, more than the rest of the band combined."

Exploring feelings of animosity and frustration, Hate Within, is an extreme metal ode to hatred and daringness. As the band more accurately describe: "The lyrics are written with disgust towards the false personas and the lying in the media, what's said is basically that it is OK to fucking hate, don't be afraid to step on a few toes to get were you want and be able to stand alone against the masses."

The long overdue Where Paths Divide releases on November 20th, 2020.

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