Arteries: Fatty Boy

For some full blown heaviness, Australian band, Arteries, return three years after their latest album, This Will Destroy Us, with a new standalone single of post hardcore and metalcore intensity with passages from progressive metal and post metal.

"Fatty Boy is the name of that little voice in your head always there lurking, whispering in your ear ready to put you down at any chance," the band describe their new offering. "The song is about overcoming the challenge of blocking out that voice and coming to terms with your mental health."

Once again Arteries use to the maximum their very full and heavy sound through the excellently sharp production, some technically impressive performances and strong lyricism, sounding like an extremified version of Faith No More, and generally getting the most out of their nineties hardcore influences.

Fatty Boy comes with a clip which is also reminiscent of nineties alternative aesthetics, done by Noel Commins.

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