Leizure: Nightmare

Presenting the more sinister qualities of their artful post punk sound, rising Danish band, Leizure, channel the spirit of The Birthday Party together more than ever, with the all inclusive avant-garde essence of Pere Ubu, while they also instigate analogies to their fellow Danes, Icegae, on their spine-chilling new single, Nightmare.

The new song and video come together with the release of Primal Hymns, Leizure's anticipated full length, which given the chance will definitely place the band firmly among post punk's most favorable and propitious new acts.

"The song is a horror story from the perspective of a voyeuristic evildoer," frontman Zakarias Sanderson describes the new single which like the band's recent material is also driven by a dense instrumental body, and a deep, incredibly well enunciated and expressed vocal performance.

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