D//E Premiere: she-dog: Baptized In A Swimmingpool

Cologne-based genre-defying act, she-dog, emerge with an imposing debut single, and a striking accompanying video, coinciding with Halloween and the October full moon. Lingering between the darker aspects of garage rock and post punk, Baptized In A Swimmingpool, becomes a strong first statement for the band, and delineates their forward-thinking approach.

she-dog, composed of founding members, Lei Macolata (vocals, bass) and Daisy Heroine (guitar, vocals), and rounded out with Maximilian Meisenmann (drums), don't commit to a specific genre, yet, their sound draws from a few different sources and turns out distilled into something eccentric and pure.

Taking their name from a poem by ancient Greek poet and musician, Sappho, she-dog were formed before their founders had even learned how to play their respective instruments. Driven and resolute though, the band already has the air of an experienced and propitious act, oddly enough on their first ever release.

"It tells the story of a vampire family who perform strange rituals over the countless decades of their extended lifespans," the band comment on their debut piece. "The story is inspired by personal experiences of the christian religion."

The video for Baptized In A Swimmingpool comes aesthetically bold, photographic and arresting, making clear that she-dog members, Lea Torcelli and Lisa Heldmann who perform in the band the characters Lei Macolata and Daisy Heroine, originally derive from the fields of art and film.


Band photo by Juri_Löchte

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