Hamburger: Supersad

Coming from Bristol, UK, Hamburger is a fresh indie/lo-fi pop sextet which since its early material it has emerged with a crystalline sharp sound which doesn't ease its lo-fi character, a witty, yet, longing approach to their lyrical content, and a familiarly warm style of performance.

The band's new single, Supersad, introduces their upcoming debut EP, Teenage Terrified, coming in December 2020 on Specialist Subject Records, and its definite directness and bittersweetness is a very fine example of the overall emotionality which comes through Hamburger's songwriting.

"Supersad is a song about powerlessness and what to do when you know you can do nothing," the band describe. "The finding of hope and strength despite feeling rough. It uses superhero language as parallels for all the ways people try to cope with sadness and loss."

Hamburger started in 2018 at a vegan fast food joint by two people who shared similar musical tastes, and then developed into a fully fledged band of six friends and cultivated musicians, while their name which to some may seem either random or a reference to their place of origin, is actually taken from a passage in Philip Pullman’s novel, The Subtle Knife.


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