Divide and Dissolve: We Are Really Worried About You

Divide and Dissolve sign to Invada Records on which they'll be delivering their long anticipated debut for the label, Gas Lit. The band introduced their forthcoming album with a super heavy and dense track, together with an artful video, filmed on sacred Huichin Chochenyo Ohlone territory.

We Are Really Worried About You presents the duo's blend of canny instrumentation and sharp production courtesy of Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as well as the tension and weightiness of their compositional approach.

We Are Really Worried About You is a call to transformation and freedom,” Takiaya Reed (saxophone, guitar, live effects/ (Black & Tsalagi [Cherokee]) and Sylvie Nehill (drums, live effects/ [Māori]) state. “This song and video seek to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework. We are weaving together our fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back. Decolonise now.

Sepand Mashiahof (@mothsprotectme), one of the video directors, comments on the new video: “The world is structured to mold us down into stunted vessels that have to gaslight ourselves of our own truths/experiences just to survive. This video felt like an expression of that process: the desperation to be heard and the stonewall silence that pushes you into the void of perpetual self-doubt and self-sabotage. The concept and the collaboration aspects seemed to also mirror what it takes to move through this grief, that you need friends and community to be able to address these things together and help each other heal through it.

I first became aware of Divide & Dissolve through a mutual friend,” Geoff Barrow had to say about the band's signing to Inada Records. “She then sent me their album and it totally freaked me out with its beauty and extreme heaviness. Takiaya and Sylvie are brilliant people who feel like part of the Invada family already. I’m really looking forward to them releasing their new album with us and we 100% support their fight to abolish white supremacy with their crushing doom.
Divide and Dissolve don't hide their enthusiasm about joining the label's roster: “We are ecstatic to sign with Invada Records. This feels like a way to make more of our dreams come true. We’re so thankful to have a beautiful team, and to be joining the Invada family in this tremendous moment for our music and message. We are never alone in the work we do as a band. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue towards Decolonisation and the destruction of white supremacy through our music alongside Invada Records.

Top photo by Billy Eyers

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