Destroy//Transmit. 046: Monolexia

Single-worded titled songs by single-worded named bands, ranging from the nineties to recent times, and covering indie rock sounds around post punk, shoegaze and noise rock. Wordplay can be a nice excuse to dig into older material we don't get a chance to address often. 

Pixies - Debaser
Ganser - Satsuma
Kreeps - Cyanide
Ceremony - Future
Anne - Jerusalem
Fait - Koto
Curve - Doppelgänger
Cranes - Jewel
Adorable - Homeboy
Lush - Monochrome
Felt - Cathedral
Bauhaus - Harry
Iceage - Ecstasy
Ausmuteants - Tinnitus
Enablers - Carriage
Boris - Spoon

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