Agent blå: Lay In My Arms

Swedish indie rockers, Agent blå, reveal the entirety of their three-track EP, Atopos, which was previously introduced by the title track and the follow up single, Frustrated, with the emotive post punk radiance of the third track, Lay In My Arms.

Singer Emelie Alatalo describes the song's intent: "Lay In My Arms is about the gentle touch of a mother, and feeling like you've betrayed it. It's influenced by a lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I couldn't sleep. Growing up is scary and sometimes you  just want your mother to take your hand and sing away all the stupid mistakes you've made."

Once again the band bring their great fusion of pop sensibilities, post punk disquiet and shoegaze melancholy to fulfillment, and the whole of their new EP, despite its brevity, it doesn't fail to convince.

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