Topographies: Rose of Sharon

San Francisco-based shoegazers, Topographies, are fresh from the release of their latest EP, Not My Loneliness, But Ours, and their inclusion in Dune Altar's tribute to The Sound compilation. The band prepares to unveil their long anticipated debut full length, Ideal Form, and introduce it with first single, Rose of Sharon.

Led by Gray Tolhurst, the son of The Cure's Laurence Tolhurst, Topographies haven't disappointed with any of their early singles and EPs thus far, on the contrary, they have laid out an astute sound which pulls form shoegaze and post punk in equal measures, and showed exquisiteness and high standards in songwriting, production quality and impeccability in the way they build their instrumentals into something utterly atmospheric.

The goth-tinged Rose of Sharon is no exception, and finds Tolhurst delivering a hearty performance over brilliant reverberating guitars and absorbing rhythms in an overall riveting outcome.

Topographies have consistently been upward bound, and there's a good chance their coming album is going to continue on that trajectory.

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