Bound: The Lines

Bound's recent single, The Bellows, revealed the moody and haunting qualities that the band's sophomore full length possesses, and lifted expectations quite high. Utterly atmospheric, poignant and demonstrative of Bound's progressive and post rock-meets-shoegaze expertise, new single and video, The Lines, strengthens the intrigue and captivates both as a standalone piece, and as part of an overall dazzling album.

Bound guitarist and vocalist, Bryan Buchanan, writes a long an detailing statement about the album's intent, the new single's haunts and the beautiful visuals which come with it, done by the band's own, Trish Harris. Part of it reads: "As far as The Lines goes, I can say that it incorporates spikes from the old railroad bed that runs along my family’s farm in southwestern Virginia, likely once connecting to the tracks that ran behind Dan’s house all the way up in Delaware. These are used musically sort of as claves or triangles. The wind chimes you hear in the song were made by my grandfather many decades ago out of old silverware my grandmother had. I heard these very chimes nearly every day that I played outside as a child, and well into my adulthood whenever I returned home."

The rest of Bryan's statement is available at Bound's website and blog.

Haunts is expected out on October 1st, 2020, via Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton Records.

Band photo by Farrah Skeiky

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