The Well: Sabbah (Live in Quarantine)

Sabbah, the opening piece off the most recent album by Austin heavy rockers, The Well, gets the music video treatment about one and a half year after the acclaim LP's release. Death and Consolation has been a strong latest offering for the band, and an album which has certainly certified them as one of the leading fresh voices in heavy rock today.

"This one is a little more personal," says guitarist and vocalist Ian Graham about the album. "2018 was a strange, dark year. A lot of change going on in my life, there was a lot of depression and coming out of it over the last year. I wanted to call this Death and Consolation, because in life that's a constant."

Sabbah finds The Well in full psychedelic bluesy stoner rock mode, reflecting the raw rock sound of some of the hard rock obscurities of the seventies, as well as the Sabbath-esque doom metal which has branded more than one generation of bands, while the song also seems to be glancing at more distant styles like post punk and noise rock.

The new video for the song was made entirely in quarantine, taking creation in the time of global social distancing to a completely new level. Each one of the trio's members recorded their respective parts individually with sound engineer, TV's Daniel in their practice space in Austin, Texas, and next day they filmed their video parts, joined again by TV's Daniel who also played the part of the director and videographer. The whole process resulted to a paradigm of quarantined creativity, and a live version of the song which sounds absolutely fierce.

The Well are Ian Graham (guitar), Jason Sullivan (drums), and Lisa Alley (bass).

Band photo courtesy of Ruin Agency

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