Deaf Aid: Fragment by Fragment

Deaf Aid is a death metal act from Freiburg, Germany whose path goes back as far as 1989 when they initially formed. The band put out a couple of demos in the early nineties, and disbanded in 2000, only to return later on to release two full lengths, Pictured Pain and Shreds of Insanity in 2008 and 2015 respectively. Their newest EP, Precursors of Extermination, finds the band having gone a very long way from the thrash metal of their early days to a fully fledged sound which looks old school death metal straight in the eye, without hesitating to experiment with other styles like sludge and doom metal.

Thematically very dark, musically weighty and spotlessly produced, Precursors of Extermination, despite its five-song brevity, sounds and feels like the experienced band's most realized work thus far. EP opener, Fragment By Fragment, leaps out for its heavy riffs and overarching darkness and brutality which echo the genre's past from the nineties quite firmly, over-emphasizing on the aggressiveness and making the most out of the band's death metal virtuosity.

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