The Lungs: Hidden Hand

From where the ferocity of Motörhead collides with big quantities of post hardcore grit and punk rock radicalness, LA's The Lungs have emerged with a series of early singles which will eventually lead to the release of a very promising and notable full length. Psychic Tombs will arrive on October 16th, 2020 by Dune Altar, and newest single, Hidden Hand, takes no prisoners.

Topical thematically with its bitter lyrics centered on a post apocalyptic world, Hidden Hand, is a thrash punk ripper which in its two-minute brevity categorically justifies the band's mantra: “make it visceral.” All enraged and intrinsic, like every single The Lungs put out in 2020, Hidden Hand shows the band's confidence and aim, and it becomes a strong statement of annoyance and unease, expressing that anxiety that has become characteristic of our times.


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