D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 25

New season, new mindset, clean slate. The has been a playlists overhaul over at our Spotify. The old playlists are gone, still available but hidden from our profile, and existent on other platforms, mostly on YouTube where the coming volumes of Stream And Destroy will be from now on. 

Vol.25 is the first Stream And Destroy in three months, as usual including recent tracks we haven't featured properly. Given that it's been a little while since the previous one, this time we went a little overboard and made this double the size, picking 24 tracks instead of the usual 12.

Always reliable, Touché Amoré are prepping album number five for an October release, and the singles have been incredible as expected. HEALTH are also preparing to release their new album, DISCO4 :: PART I, compiling the many collaborations they've done the last few months, and featuring even more of those, and the strong new single, CYBERPUNK Fresh from their great new album, Perception is/as/of Deception, ADULT. join forces with Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Deaf Club) and Luke Henshaw's (Sonido de la Frontera) Planet B for the dark and goth-bent new single, Release Me

Veteran noise rock supergroup, Human Impact, continue delivering solid and socially aware standalone singles after the release of their debut album. Brit punks Girls In Synthesis have just put out their long awaited and apparently vicious debut album which is very much expressive of the trio's strength and it overflows with punk rock intensity, and Seattle punks, METZ, seem to be having a firm new full length on their hands, as the singles so far suggest. Punk legend, Bob Mould, still rocks hard after 40 years, and his upcoming album, Blue Hearts, already looks quite nice from here.

Spanish garage rock trio, MOURN, express a lot of people's discontent and uncertainty and for the future with their new single, This Feeling is Disgusting, from their coming album on Captured Tracks, while the recently signed to Felte, Mint Field, flesh out their psychedelic shoegaze sound on their atmospheric new album, Sentimiento Mundial. Desert rock and Americana-tinged dreampop duo, Remember Summer, balance buoyancy with melancholy on their single, Blossoms, and have more to offer from where their finely crafted sound came.

Ride's great Andy Bell is releasing his debut solo album taking a completely wistful and atmospheric direction which seems to be suiting his delivery immaculately, while another veteran act returns triumphantly, as Arab Strap's first new music in 15 years not only doesn't disappoint, but brings chills down to the spine. The always creative Yo La Tengo have recently put out a brilliant experimental EP which they'll be following with another one in very quick succession, composed mostly of covers and a new original. Jónsi, who has been proven to be a chameleonic collaborator, joins forces with the wondrous Elizabeth Fraser, embellishing the parallels between Sigur Rós and The Cocteau Twins which he didn't want to acknowledge in the earlier stages of his career, as he admitted himself.

Tropical Fuck Storm are on fire, and their cover of Talking Heads' Heaven sounds as fulfilling as their original work. Post punk rising stars, Shame, built some well deserved hype with their album a couple of years ago and went away for a while to return with a new single which finds them as nervy as before, and previews what's coming for the band's future. 

Stoner rock veterans, Fu Manchu, pay tribute to the late Neil Peart and cover Rush's Working Man to benefit cancer research.

Greg Puciato has a double album in the works, and the latest single, A Pair of Questions, shows more of his synthpop side similar to The Black Queen, rather than the extremity of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Chicago's post black metal band, Chrome Waves, also hold back the heaviness a bit on the more atmospheric single, Spoonfed, part of their sophomore album, Where We Live, which just came out. Napalm Death have also shown different aspects of their heavy sound through their new material, especial on the post industrial bent, A Bellyful of Salt and Spleen, which feels like a significant new approach for the accomplished band.

Post black metal band, Glassing, keep doing what they do best and introduce their coming third album with the moody weightiness of new piece, Twin Dream, and Ukraine's Nug combine extreme heaviness with strong sentimentality on their very well done new full length, Alter Ego.

Julia Holter revealed an older recording she did covering Fleetwood Mac's Gold Dust Woman and converting it into something much more hazy and ethereal than the original, and William Basinski introduced new album, Lamentations, which Temporary Residence named it his "most mournful work" since the acclaimed The Disintegration Loops.

Touché Amoré - Limelight
ADULT. / Planet B - Release Me
Human Impact - Genetic
Girls In Synthesis - They're Not Listening
METZ - Blind Youth Industrial Park
Bob Mould - Siberian Butterfly
MOURN - This Feeling Is Disgusting
Mint Field - Delicadeza
Remember Summer - Blossoms
Andy Bell - I Was Alone
Arab Strap - The Turning of Our Bones
Yo La Tengo - Bleeding
Jónsi with Elizabeth Fraser - Cannibal
Tropical Fuck Storm - Heaven
Shame - Alphabet
Fu Manchu - Working Man
Greg Puciato - A Pair of Questions
Chrome Waves - Spoonfed
Napalm Death - A Bellyful of Salt and Spleen
Glassing - Twin Dream
Nug - Radiance 
William Basinski - O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
Julia Holter - Gold Dust Woman

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