Sapphire Blues: Ourselves Forgotten

For their debut on Blitzcat Records, the not at all bluesy, Sapphire Blues, take a dark and tense post punk direction, and deliver their most realized single thus far. The Bristol-based trio continues on from the impressive dynamism of previous offerings, Good Morning Britain and 119.

Ourselves Forgotten is an aggressive post punk rocker, more straight-shooting than the The Fall or Public Image Ltd, yet of the same idiosyncratic nature. The band reveal that the song was "inspired by an urge to get away from the memories under the skin of every street," thus its haunting qualities protruding quite prominently, together with the track's pristine production and the group's frenzied delivery.

"Based off a voice memo Chris (percussion) randomly captured from a drum and bass night we hardly remember," Sapphire Blues comment. "It's about hanging onto your daydreams as a means of escape from small-town monotony."


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