Bearcraft: Where The Sun Sets

Led by producer, Dicky Moore, Bristol-based collective, Bearcraft, release a new single and fantastic video off their recent sophomore full length, Fabrefactions. Where The Sun Sets combines Moore's love for Kate Bush's A Sky of Honey, and the novel, The Drowning Pool, written by his sister about the legend of a sea-witch called Sarah Moore who lived in Leigh-on-Sea in the 1800s.

"This is one of the few tracks I started writing after I had started working on the album with Joe Reeves," Dicky Moore reveals. "Because of that, I was able to just focus on the lyrical, harmonic and melodic content, and leave it up to Joe to add the rhythmic and synth stuff. A Sky of Honey by Kate Bush has been one of my favourite albums since its release, and I admire the sense of space and she creates within it. When my sister got in touch to ask me to write a song inspired by her first novel, The Drowning Pool, with Kate Bush’s sumptuous and spacious compositions, and Syd Moore’s compelling narrative in mind, the song came easily."

Where The Sun Sets is one of the most lyrical pieces from the overall exploratory psychedelic electronica of Fabrefactions, and most expressive of Bearcraft's shadowy aspect, but it's also indicative of Moore's dexterity in a more straightforward and smoother to take in style of writing. 

The single's accompanying video was shot on VHS by Say Goodnight Films, and it's a completely picturesque film which enhances the music's hazy and surrealistic properties. "Beginning with abstract concepts and building a narrative was helpful on where we could utilize the location of home/space we had during lockdown to create an original and dreamy video," Paul from Say Goodnight remarks.

Fabrefactions was written by Dicky Moore after being diagnosed with acute hearing loss. The album was recorded with Joe Reeves (Shitdisco, Age of Consent), mixed by Ali Chant (Gruff Rhys, PJ Harvey, This Is The Kit) and mastered by Anthony Chapman (Franz Ferdinand, Future of the Left, Klaxons), and it's out through the independent label, Australopithecine Records.


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