Low Hummer: Sometimes I Wish (I Was a Different Person)

Coming from the vibrant indie rock scene of Hull, UK, Low Hummer are a five-piece band which took off about a year ago by way of a few notable first singles. The band keeps on putting out engaging pieces like the very fresh, Sometimes I Wish (I Was a Different Person).

With a post punk foundation and mindset, the new song is a lyrically acute and biting work, rhythmically so strong and all around so memorable, bordering on dance punk, and bringing to mind the effrontery of older bands like Radio 4, as well as the substance of the style's archetypes, Gang Of Four.

A comment on modern consumerism and the way contemporary society perceives the massive flow of news and opinions daily, Sometimes I Wish comes across right away like the band's most momentous of their five singles so far. Low Hummer confirm: "The song is about how we consume news from screens and the way in which this can detract from our personal relationships and real lives."

Sometimes I Wish (I Was a Different Person) is out now through Dance to the Radio.


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