Interlay: Spine

Madison, Wisconsin-based act, Interlay, emerge strongly after having reinvented their act, changed their name from Wash, and worked on a six-song EP, which according to the band is being "influenced by the occult, transformation, and horror."

First example off the coming EP is Spine, an emotive, heavy and fuzzy piece on which the promising quartet lay out the impressibility of their grungy shoegaze sound, their punk ethos and the plain influences from the forward thinking alternative rock of the nineties, and bands like Slint and Sonic Youth.

Spine comes with an engaging DIY video directed by Alexandria Ortgiesen and Geordon Wollner, and like the song itself, it leans full tilt toward the darker and murkier side of both the band's sound and the genre in general.

Interlay are Indigo Smith-Oles (guitar), Alex Kaiser (drums), Alexandria Ortgiesen (vocals, guitar), and Nathan Hahn (bass).

Cicada, the upcoming EP by Interlay will be out October 14th, 2020.


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