D//E Premiere: Day & Dream: Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever, the new single by dreampop act, Day & Dream, may have been written long before the pandemic by the band's own keyboardist and vocalist Abby Amaya, but it obviously agrees very well with the current situation. The track was recorded in quarantine at the band's home studio, Fuzzy Forest. in Asheville, NC, and it deals with the notion of feeling trapped at home.

"Home is one of our favorite places but too much of anything is never good," the band remark. "As much as we love snuggling with our dog, cooking and eating good food, playing music, watching TV, reading books, relaxing… there’s a craziness to the constant repetition."

Cabin Fever is a smooth dreampop piece which verges on jazzy trip hop, and in part it finds Day & Dream presenting their slicker side, until it challenges itself by erupting to something wilder but entirely consistent.

"When too much of a good thing sets in, a dizzy and crazed mental state can result where you grow anxious and bored from doing the same things over and over," Day & Dream conclude.

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