The Day: We Killed Our Hearts (Paper Planes Version)

Like the majority of the music world, dreampop duo, The Day, have had a lot of tough time staying restrained and inactive due to the pandemic, even more so since the band's core of Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg derive from different countries, the Netherlands and Germany respectively.

Last June The Day were able to play a live show broadcasted from Pauluskirche, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, which found the band full of energy, reinvigorated and eager to perform. Four of the tracks from that session are now scheduled to be released digitally and physically on a limited tape run as an EP under the title Soon I Will Forget. The coming release will be out on September 4th, 2020, through Sinnbus.

We Killed Our Hearts is the first track and live clip released from the EP, a piece of well-woven dreampop brightness and something specially indicative of the band's sound. The song was originally part of the band's 2019 album, Midnight Parade, and it's live rendition doesn't extract any of the studio version's warmth.

Artist photo by Lumi Lausas

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