Space Knife / Picture One: FLOCK!

Synthpop rising acts, Space Knife and Picture One, both based in Atlanta, GA, and both openly keen on eighties pop, join forces for an EP inspired by their time in quarantine and consisting of covers of popular songs by A Flock of Seagulls.

Space Knife have been gaining a lot of traction for their own brand of eighties-infused synthpop, even more so since their inclusion in the super popular Stranger Things. Their take on Messages, originally on A Flock of Seagulls' self-titled debut album from 1982, is pretty straightforward and maintains the liveliness of the original, while its accompanying video amps up the eighties feel through its good looking retro pop aesthetics.

Picture One's version of the classic Wishing (If I Had a photograph of You), from Listen, the second album by A Flock of Seagulls - also from 1982, has a subtly darker approach, and a more DIY feel, as does the fun self-made video. Thomas Barnwell's Picture One is fresh from the release of a much notable full length that was Across The Depths of Seven Lakes from earlier this year.

"I wanted to cover the song Wishing for years," says Barnwell. "I always loved that main guitar line and feel of the song. So when Craig [Space Knife] sent me his initial cover it seemed like a good opportunity to collaborate!"

The EP is out through Barnwell's Deanwell Global Music, and it comes with a bonus track by another Atlanta-based artist EveningShade, and their rendition of Over My Head.

Space Knife video directed by William Craig Johnson and Karen Freed
Picture One video by Thomas Barnwell

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