dip: Joanne

Sydney’s dip follow the plainer immediacy of their existentially agitating debut single, Bash Your Head Against A Brick Wall, with sophomore single, Joanne, a garage/grunge rocker which explores the serious concept of homelessness, and shows more of the band's composure, self-consciousness and their sturdy placement in the modern indie rock realm.

Very much driving for the entirety of its conciseness, Joanne, sounds bluesy, punk rock and psychedelic in equal measures, and it has a straightforward pop sensibility manifested in its neat songwriting style, and like dip's previous single, the band's performance once more sounds avid.

Joanne brings to mind some of the more approachable moments in the directory of bands like Sonic Youth and Melvins, while the grit is again on board.

"Joanne explores the identity of those who aren't lucky enough to have a roof over their heads," the band comment. "Who are the people in need that we walk past on the street every day, and what is their story? Say her name - Joanne."

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