Soft Black: Heaven

A little after the psychedelic genre bender that was Midas Tongue, the first example of the band's comeback, Vincent Cacchione's Soft Black reveal Heaven, another psych pop piece which will be part of the band's next album, The Witching Hour, their first in over ten years.

"Heaven was inspired by a series of dreams I had about my father just after his passing and we recorded the whole track live in just one take," Cacchione comments on the new track.

The Witching Hour aims to be Soft Black's most solid and consistent work thus far, and the first couple of singles off it surely defend that idea. The album was produced live in the studio by the band and Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs), and its immediacy is quite manifest in the quite accessible, still, very much ardent new single.

Artist photo by Magali Charron

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