Black Lullabies: Crown Shyness

Los Angeles-based husband and wife garage rock/goth duo, Black Lullabies, lean on classic horror aesthetics for their tasteful imagery, and cite Hammer Horror as an influence, something that's fairly evident in the visuals of their recent clip for the dark post punk cut, Crown Shyness.

The band returned after a long hiatus, with their dazzling new single written and produced entirely in quarantine, while more of the same post punk darkness and moodiness is expected in the following months, since the band is fully active again, and already has a couple of more new singles under its belt.

Inspired by the story of Macbeth, Crown Shyness is undoubtedly the most stately of Black Lullabies' new material, as its gothic post punk primacy harnesses the best from its cherry-picked influences, and seems immaculately actualized and livened up, owing to the band's theatrical and idealistic ways.


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