Korine: Cast

Philadelphia's Korine release a third single and video ahead of their sophomore album, The Night We Raise, incoming September 4th, 2020. Cast brings the duo's new album to a dynamic and memorable end, while it comes forth as one of the most characteristic pieces of the band's multifarious synthpop sound. The song distinctively cites the album's title in its appealing chorus, and comes to be something very well defined and paradigmatic of new wave most contemporary facet.

Cast follows the previously unveiled singles Cold Heart and Fate, and validates that Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye have a solid release ready to be unveiled. The beautiful, almost abstract visuals of the song's accompanying video were directed by M.O. Guzman.

The Night We Raise will be out through Born Losers Records in the US, and Data Airlines in Europe. More with Korine soon.

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