Coastlands: Dead Friends

Heavy instrumental post rock band, Coastlands, reveal a second specimen from their anticipated next album, Death, which will be out on October 9th, 2020 through Translation Loss in the US and Dunk! Records in Europe.

Dead Friends is an older composition the band decided to revisit and rework. It's a significant first for Coastlands, as the song it the group's first ever with vocals, featuring the contribution of Dustin Coffman from the post hardcore/post metal genre benders, Glassing, whose edgy delivery alongside the band's brilliant atmospherics bring about something that borders on contemporary post black metal.

The band explain: "Originally this song was completely instrumental until Trent emailed us an updated demo file which had massive drums and him shouting into the overhead mics on his kit. It was in that moment we knew we had stumbled upon something that embodied the full potential of the song. After demoing ideas with different lyrics and types of singing, we had found ourselves further away from where we started and knew we had to reach outward to find a fresh perspective. This is when we decided to drop a line to our friend Dustin from one of our favorite bands, Glassing.

"We asked Dustin to be part of the song on the week our album was due to be mixed, He sent us his tracks within days. His words added weight, a sense of urgency and completed our vision for the song. Without Dustins vocals, Dead Friends would be incomplete."

The coming Death was produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Russian Circles) and Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). From all appearances and sounds thus far, it's only fair to keep hopes high for its release.

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