Boar God: The Tar Pits

Montreal's Boar God have been around since 2016 when the project initially began as the solo act of musician Eric Bent, and then evolved to a full band with the addition of Sabrina Coté on bass and René-Olivier Duchesne on drums. The trio released the very promising full length, Forma, last year, and they have just returned with an excellent four song EP, Near Extinction, out through Cuchabata Records.

Boar God's sound is genre mixing in essence thus tough to place. Presumably in a playful manner and knowing of their own musical complexity the band have described their own sound with the terms "drone punk" and "cold-wave thrash." Listening a bit attentively one would be able to realize that all those elements are there; the atmospherics of drone music, the punk nerve, the coldwave detachment and the thrash heaviness, next to basic elements from shoegaze's fuzz and dark post punk's elemental gloom, all jumbled into something which certainly derives from a million places, still, it's so well assembled and so considerately given that it could never be considered unimaginative.

A six-minute noise rock ardor of EP closer, The Tar Pits, has the band resembling a bit of a murkier and more maniacal Sonic Youth, and brings Near Extinction to a tense and climactic conclusion.

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