Sumac: The Iron Chair

Following the announcement of their coming full length from earlier this month, post metal avant-gardists, Sumac, reveal The Iron Chair, a maddening, very much intense dark piece which showcases the band's improvisational brilliance in a little over eight minutes of extreme heaviness.

Aaron Turner's growling vocals once again steal the show, while they're crucially supported by the strong instrumental muscle, labyrinthian mystique and intensity provided Brian Cook on bass and Nick Yacyshyn on drums.

For the very few uninitiated, this comes from the same people who enriched the world with the influential music of Isis, Old Man Gloom, Russian Circles, Botch and Baptists, to name only a few.

May You Be Held follows 2018's Love In Shadow, and it arrives October 2nd, 2020 through Thrill Jockey.

Artist photo by Reid Haithcock


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