Ancient Channels: Pangs

Multi-instrumentalist Kelly Hanlon (Deafcult, Terra Pines) and drummer Chris Preindl's (Leavings, Vestiges, & Apparitions) dreampop/post punk project, Ancient Channels, reveal a third single off their upcoming full length, Moments In Ruin, which will be out in August. The new song, Pangs, is once again founded on a rich composite of instrumentals, including echoing guitars, moody synths and vivid rhythms which come in accord with the soft vocals, and it overall inclines toward the band's gentler and mellower side, cut from the same cloth as a lot of first-rate guitar-bent indie rock from the nineties.

The band describe: "Pangs is a meditation on the ephemeral nature of time and the human feelings that are borne of uncertainty: confronting the unwavering and the unpredictable one discovers when looking within. In direct conflict with the plodding, lesser tempo of the song that serves as a crucial reminder that we are more than the sum of our thoughts."

Art by Kelly Hanlon
Art layout and design by Jason Cahill

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