D//E Premiere: Ancient Channels: Deep Rest

The newest single of the coming album by Brisbane dreampop band, Ancient Channels, is Deep Rest, which follows last month's Carpe Noctem. The new song further cements the band's turn toward a post punk-laden sound, this time though there are certain elements which feel more upbeat, and compose something a bit livelier, new wave and disco-oriented, in what generally appears to be the band's most accessible effort to date.

With the distortion still present and teeming with character, Deep Rest takes advantage of its tuneful soft vocal harmonies, the sturdiness of its rhythm section and the memorable guitar lines, while dealing with themes of tiredness and exhaustion on a universal level, creating a pretty daring contrast to the music's relatively brighter approach.

Ancient Channels are Kelly Hanlon (Deafcult, Terra Pines) and Chris Preindl (Leavings, Vestiges, & Apparitions).


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