Brain Cave: Assigned Seat

The members of Cleveland's Brain Cave cut their teeth in a few other projects over the last few years, and came together in 2017 with their own original brand of heaviness which mingles elements from post hardcore, noise rock and stoner rock, and winks at analogous sounds and releases from the nineties. Their debut album, Stuck In The Mud, was produced and recorded by the band, and mixed by Jonathan Nunez of Torche.

Without overindulging in knotty structures and more amorphous song guises, the ten songs which comprise Stuck In The Mud appear pretty forthright and affecting, as the album wears its nineties post hardcore influences very well, with the production being consistently sharp, and similarly the band's delivery coming out as the strongest aspect the album flaunts. Heavy rockers like Assigned Seat are very much indicative of the vitality in Brain Cave's sound, as well as the excitability and the sentimental character of their performance.

Brain Cave are Michael Bellis (guitar, vocals), Josh Snyder (bass, vocals), and Matthew Ducey (drums).

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