WORWS: Unsure/Oblivion

Formed in 2015, Portland's WORWS are among those underappreciated names in hardcore punk which keep things fresh and rather interesting by coming up with a songwriting kind that feels way more avantgardistic than most of their contemporaries, and borders on post metal through a series of other styles. Unsure/Oblivion follows the full length, Truth to Power, from 2017, and it clearly shows the band's evolution, their restlessness and forward-thinking mentality in only two tracks.

An examination of capitalism, Oblivion is grounded more on the political side of the band's creativity, lyrically intense and musically overpowering through immense riffs and an unyielding vocal performance. Unsure on the other hand is the more cultivated piece of the pair, and the more socially conscious one, dealing with the instability which comes with homelessness, and the systemic wrongdoings that allow it to happen.

WORWS very full sound comes from a five-piece composed of Sean Cisneros (guitars), Aaron Lange (guitars), Tony Meuser (vocals), Dusty Overstreet (bass) and Sean Carter (drums).


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