The Unfit: No Culture

Following the recent first offering, Picture, new track, No Culture, is the second single revealed oft the coming self-titled debut by Seattle's The Unfit. The album is expected out in its entirety June 5th, 2020 on Share It Music.

A grungy punk rocker with biting lyrics whose perceptiveness seems much amplified by the band's sharp performance, the new song is another strong piece from the full length at hand, and it comes with a very creative and correspondingly canny visual composed of illustrations by Ryan Taggart.

"We had plans to do a video for this song that included footage of the band, but when the Covid shutdown stuff started to happen, we had to rethink the concept," the band's own Jake Knuth remarks. "We considered shooting it with social-distancing, masks, etc., but that seemed weird and would have dated the video and framed the song in a specific, unintended context. So, we hit up our friend Ryan who recently did a sort of diary of daily pictures on Instagram for a full 365 days. It was kind of mind blowing, hilarious, and insane, this stuff that he was creating every single day, and a lot of the pictures conveyed frustration, alienation, disgust, irony and sarcasm in a way that was in line with the music we were making. We basically mined these images for this lyric video and are super grateful to Ryan and his company Wild Moon Productions for giving us such great stuff to work with."

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