Jaye Jayle: Don’t Blame the Rain

The second example from the very much unconventional coming album by Jaye Jayle is Don’t Blame the Rain, a psychedelic electronica oddity which comes with a video of correspondingly mind-bending visuals, created by Greg Sheppard. Prisyn comes out August 7th, 2020 through Sargent House.

"Poetically and politically, this song is about being raised in a small town in Kentucky and the struggle to keep one's head above the suffocating right-wing model," remarks Evan Patterson, the creative force behind Jaye Jayle. "Those who are brought up in a southern culture mentality rarely escape the oppressive grip. To see through the mask of surrounding influence is no simple task. This song is for those that had the wit to emerge themselves from the sandpits of western civilisation's inhumane past."

Don’t Blame the Rain is a fantastic juxtaposition of two diverse worlds; one of the Southern hard traditionalism tackled in the song's lyrical content, and one grounded in the experimental nature of its atypical instrumentals and production techniques.

Notably, the song is also available to remix now on the interactive platform Isolate/Create whose aim is to initiate creativity and digital collaboration while keeping the rules of social distancing during the Covid-19 crisis.

Artist photo by A.F. Cortes

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