Sprints: The Cheek

Back in September 2019 we came across a freshly formed post punk band from Dublin, Ireland which had just released, The Cheek, their ferocious sophomore single themed on sexuality. Since then the band has kept catching on, and signed with the esteemed RIP Records, and the song now becomes part of the monthly Nice Swan Introduces... series which has previously released debut tracks from up and coming acts like Blossoms, Sports Team, Pip Blom and many more.

Produced by Robin Ball, The Cheek is a striking number for both the band and label. Sprints' lead singer and guitarist Karla comments on the song: "As a person who is bisexual, your experiences can be difficult. You’re not gay enough, you’re not straight enough, you can be over-sexualised or demonised, I’m going to bed or I’m going to hell. People of any gender identity or sexuality will face criticism and pigeon holing based on their label. Whether it’s being told I wouldn’t have been kissed did they know I was bi, or being asked would I do a threesome, having your ass grabbed and your space invaded – this is my big fuck you to all those people.

"Thematically it is all centres around my experience of sexual assault, unsolicited advances and sexuality as a whole. It’s raw, personal and high energy because it’s a song that is all about venting frustrations."

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