Sisyphes: Nos Regrets

With their first few offerings Sisyphes have shown signs of great consistency and have managed to organically and discreetly stand out for their eclectic mixture of shoegaze, dreampop and post rock sounds and stylistic approach.

Nos Regrets is a new piece, part of the band's new EP which also features their first couple of singles. Carrying the imposing subtitle, On a 2.0 Man facing the annihilation of his humanity, the track appears like a nostalgic artistic expression that will most likely resonate with the disenchanted, and it comes forth like a bold continuation of the sophistication that the fresh band's early work emits.

The band's own Geoffrey Papin, also former La Houle guitarist and songwriter, says of the new track: "Nos Regrets is by far the most poetic song of this album. It’s a 5/4 time signature but robotic with a strong grove. The track explores the idea of a human encased by a digital algorithm which he cannot escape, slowly being desensitized."

Deviant Pop, the forthcoming debut album by Sisyphes is due out later in 2020.

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