HighSchool: Frosting

Although the first impression by the sound Melbourne duo HighSchool feels like a slap materialized out of thin air, they band have been writing and recording for a year before their emergence. HighSchool  seem to have a very good grasp of jangle pop's history and effectiveness, and on their first ever single they already sound like an experienced and well realized act.

Frosting is textbook guitar driven indie pop, mostly leaning on post punk, and having a taste for the genre's gloomier side, while it also appears considerably more nuanced than many of the fresh band's contemporaries. Fantastic instrumentally, warmly delivered and much propitious en masse, the song is paired to a fine video of well shot scenes whose buoyancy contradicts both the video's lack of color, as well as the music's discreetly longing nature.

We are promised a couple of more from where this came, on top of this being undeniably a very strong debut and an impressive start for the young act.

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