High Heavens: Into the Daylight

High Heavens is a new band composed of members of previous great alternative rock acts such as New Wet Kojak, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, Crime in Choir, Edsel, Glorium and Ignorance Park. The Austin, Texas-based quintet's debut full length, Springtime Don't Call, was just released, and it comes forth notably ambitious musically, paralleled to the sophisticated, dark-bent and bluesy art punk of The Bad Seeds, Crime and the City Solution and New Model Army.

Into the Daylight, a highlight single and video off the new album, is a bold representation of the band's gloomy and moderately grand sound, and a memorable southern gothic ballad which calls attention to the imposing vocal delivery of John Matthew Walker, in addition to the well constructed and moody instrumentals. "It's about freeing yourself from a dark shadow," the band describe the song's meaning. Into the Daylight comes with a very well made black and white video co-directed by Walker and Robin Lambaria.

High Heavens are Jeremy Erwin (keyboards), Nick Pellicciotto (drums, percussion), Ernest Salaz (guitars, backing vocals), Jonathan Skaggs (bass guitar, backing vocals) and John Matthew Walker (lead and backing vocals).

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