Constant Smiles: All Drugs

An album of psychedelic dreampop elegance and melancholy, Control follows Constant Smiles' John Waters from 2019, and finds the rising act at its most intimate and profound yet, with songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Ben Jones making the most out of his writing strengths through honesty and solemnity.

All Drugs is a spellbinding highlight off the freshly released full length; a piece which strikes as something detached and memorable at the same time, without ever letting loose any of the gravity and the gloom that determine Constant Smiles' sound, nor the magnificent directness of their lyrical content.

"I love that you can create a whole world within an album," Jones says of the new album which despite the overall intimacy, it is also the band's most collaborative effort to date  "You expand the dimensions and richness of that world by including other people’s songs in the mix, keeping the collective spirit of the community alive."

Control is out now through Living Waters Records.

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